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Classic Knee Compression Sleeves

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2 Susama Classic Knee Compression Sleeves and Patella Stabilizer Knee Wrap - Medium / Large - #1 ACL and Meniscus Support Brace - Ideal for Running, Basketball, Volleyball, Etc. For Men and Women

The Susama Classic Knee Compression Sleeves - Premium Quality, Premium Performance!

-Medium / Large size only Sold as PAIRS. Suitable for men and women.
-Premium quality and compression with the best price!
-Very Comfortable, lightweight, breathable and high-quality fabric
-Comfortable, non-itch, sweat-wicking fabric
-Washes and cleans easily, eco-friendly - no odor from sweating!
-Precise compression without being too restrictive
-Fits snugly - stays up and never slips down
-#1 knee band for running and sports by Susama
-Reduce pain and swelling with regular everyday wear of the Susama Professional Knee Compression Sleeves. Not suitable to wear overnight.
-Great knee bandage and support for basketball, weightlifting, crossfit, volleyball, tennis and golf
-Meniscus and ACL knee brace, good patella stabilizer
-Ideal for daily wear to relieve muscle soreness and fatigue
-Unlimited lifetime customer support 24/7 by a small family run business.

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